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Bitcoin Rush

Generate Passive Income and Become Financially Free
Highly-Rated Automated Trading Software for the Crypto Market


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The Bitcoin Rush software can pinpoint lucrative trading opportunities and generate trading signals. To do this, it leverages advanced algorithms to scan the crypto market to find profitable trade setups. It does this by using technical indicators and comparing existing market conditions with historical price data. The software also has a second time leap which enables it to know in which direction the market will move before it makes this move. The Bitcoin Rush software has an accuracy rate of over 99%.


The Bitcoin Rush software has become the go-to app for thousands of traders globally as it is easy to use and navigate. This makes it ideal for both new and advanced traders. The Bitcoin Rush software generates daily profits for traders, irrespective of their experience level. This ensures that everyday people, just like you, now stand a chance to trade Bitcoin and earn profits from the market daily. The software will handle market analysis for you and will even open trades – it doesn’t get easier than this!


To ensure that the Bitcoin Rush software works seamlessly, we have partnered with world-class brokers. These brokers are reputable and offer highly secure and all-inclusive trading platforms where the Bitcoin Rush software works optimally. Our partner brokers have also put in place strict security measures that ensure customer funds and personal data are safe and secure. Our brokers offer access to effective trading tools, secure banking options and professional customer support and service.


Bitcoin Rush has an exclusive community comprised of traders and investors worldwide that use our unique software to generate daily profits from the crypto markets. Each member earns over $1,000 daily, with some earning a lot more. The generated profits help our Bitcoin Rush members to live their dream lives and experience financial freedom. Sign up with the Bitcoin Rush platform for free today and be a financially successful trader.


The key to the Bitcoin Rush's success is the accurate trading signals it generates multiple times in a day. The software's powerful algorithms give it a 99% accuracy rate, making it easy to generate massive profits daily for each member. With these advantages, even new traders with zero trading experience can enjoy high rewards with low trading risks.


The Bitcoin Rush software is always a step ahead of the market, thanks to the cutting-edge technologies it uses. The advanced algorithm technology accurately and instantly predicts the price movements of cryptocurrencies. The VPS technology ensures fast order execution, which helps improve profit margins and simplifies the trading process.


The Bitcoin Rush software is currently the most popular crypto trading app due to its features, ease of use and profitability. It is used by thousands of traders globally, and it generates over a thousand dollars for each of them per day. Bitcoin Rush has also received recognition from the US Trading Association as the leading automated trading app.



Visit the Bitcoin Rush website homepage and insert your details in the application form. We will activate your trading account instantly. Opening an Bitcoin Rush account is free, and so is using our app to trade.

Fund Account

You will need trading capital to start trading Bitcoin and other cryptos. The Bitcoin Rush software requires a minimum deposit of $250. The funds are yours, and you can withdraw them at will with no hassle.

Start Trading

With the $250 trading capital, you can start trading cryptocurrencies with our intuitive and powerful software. Set up your trading parameters on the software, launch the auto-trading mode, and start trading to earn profits.

Bitcoin Rush SCAM

The crypto space has seen an increasing number of scam projects and platforms due to the rising number of market opportunities. Despite this, the Bitcoin Rush software has become one of the most reliable and reputable automated trading software currently available to both new and expert traders.
The Bitcoin Rush software is trustworthy and widely used because of the success it records for cryptocurrency traders. The 99% accuracy rate of our software makes it possible for our traders to enjoy daily profits even with no trading experience and knowledge of the crypto market. It also has high-end security protocols and features that ensure that traders personal and financial information is secure. We have also only partnered with reputable and reliable brokers to offer a transparent, secure and all-inclusive trading environment.


Yes, it is. Regardless of when you start using it, the Bitcoin Rush app ensures that you earn profits whenever you trade cryptos. While 2020 hasn't been favorable for the financial markets due to the coronavirus pandemic, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies managed to recorded profits during this time.
In 2009, Bitcoin was introduced to the markets and at the time, very few people took this digital asset and its blockchain technology seriously. There were, however, some early investors that believed in Bitcoin. These investors became millionaires in less than a decade after BTC's price raced to its all-time high of $20,000 in 2017. Although crypto prices have come down, Bitcoin and other cryptos still offer massive profit opportunities for traders in this multi-billion dollar market.
Today, the prices of cryptos remain volatile and liquid. For conservative traders, the volatility might be overwhelming but savvy traders really understand the profit potential in a volatile market and they leverage the Bitcoin Rush software to trade Bitcoin and the other cryptocurrencies successfully to earn daily profits with ease. Now you too can extract maximum profits from the crypto markets.


Bitcoin Rush is an automated trading app designed to trade cryptocurrencies and to generate passive income for traders daily. The sophisticated algorithms deployed by our software, in addition to other high-end technology, allows it to trade cryptos quickly and accurately and to generate profits. The powerful algorithms accurately predict market movements of digital assets to find profitable trading opportunities. It will then generate trading signals and the software will automatically execute these signals with zero intervention from the trader. Thanks to the automated features of the Bitcoin Rush software, users don't need prior crypto trading experience to earn money from the market. The features make it the perfect app for novice and expert traders to trade cryptos and earn passive income.

Bitcoin Rush FEATURES

The Bitcoin Rush software is successful because of the numerous features it offers to crypto traders. The leading features of the software include:

Live Trading

You can start using the live trading mode after confidently understanding your trading strategies and how the Bitcoin Rush software operates. To trade Bitcoin and other cryptos and earn daily profits, you will have to fund your trading account and initiate the live trading mode. The minimum trading deposit requirement is $250.


Traders can test their trading strategies before deploying them in the real market, thanks to the backtesting feature of the Bitcoin Rush software. This feature allows traders to see how their strategies perform in the real market based on accurate historical price data. You can then make changes based on the market conditions.


The Bitcoin Rush software has auto-trading features that ensure users earn money from the crypto market daily. Start by setting the trading parameters of the software and activating the auto-trading mode. The software analyzes market trends, finds trading opportunities, generates signals, execute the signals, and earn profits for you. Easy!

Demo Trading

The demo trading account offered by the Bitcoin Rush broker partner is for traders that wish to test their trading strategies in a live trading scenario using virtual funds. It helps traders to better understand the strategies they intend to use and how the software works in the real market. This is a powerful trading tool to use.



What is the daily earning threshold with the Bitcoin Rush software?

There is no earning threshold when using the Bitcoin Rush software to trade cryptocurrencies. Traders can earn as much as they desire with the app, depending on their available trading capital and the trading strategies they deploy.


Does the Bitcoin Rush software support multiple devices?

Yes, it does. The Bitcoin Rush software can be used on numerous devices such as Android, Windows, and iOS because it is a web-based application. The requirement is to have a browser and an Internet connection.


How do I start trading with the Bitcoin Rush?

You can start trading cryptocurrencies with the Bitcoin Rush software in just a few simple steps. Open a free Bitcoin Rush account, fund the trading account, set the trading parameters of the software, activate the auto-trading mode, and earn profits. Simple!


Is Bitcoin Rush legit?

Yes, it is. Bitcoin Rush has gained wide usage amongst global crypto traders because of its ease-of-use and profitability. The 99% accuracy rate limits the risk for traders and maximizes the profits they earn.


How much does Bitcoin Rush cost monthly or annually?

The Bitcoin Rush software has zero monthly or annual charges. The Bitcoin Rush app can be used for free and there is no cost to open an account. Bitcoin Rush doesn't charge fees and commissions, and your profits are also yours to keep.